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oodles of doodles ♥
SucreSugoi: a sketchblog
I just want to go home and eat chicken and cast spirits through people
So I discovered a cemetery and Jimme and I decided to search for the biggest tombs.
Gargantuan love is real
Anonymous :  More D3!? ALSO. The way you draw mesmerises me! Do you plan in pencil before doing then pen stuff or do you just... Go? Either way it's seriously fantabulous and out of this world. Thanks :)

o wow o wow o wow you are so nice..

More D3 you say!? WEll SHOOT consider your request honored sweet anon. Just watch me.

I just draw with straight pen for my traditional ink drawings. I can never get it to feel right by tracing over pencil and I just always draw with pen. I hardly use pencils because i smudge them up while I draw ;c

What aymeline’s undies look like..
don’t tell anybody

Chine Co-yey

Bratty deer princess is getting ready to be dipped!

Yooooo let’s do this shit for funsies!
An accurate portrait of my irl boyfriend.
I’m trying to build a haunted house for my wicked witch but it just is nooot woooorrrkkiiiiiing